The Ballad of the King’s Jest

Working on my laptop can be incredibly frustrating.  It’s fine for my normal internet routines and for word processing and music, but when I try to use my Wacom Intuos with Photoshop, things grind to a halt.  Eventually, I plan on remedying this teeth-grindingly annoying situation, but for now I have to flit back to campus like all the  other plebes to use their sticky-keyboarded Macs.  Nonetheless, in four hours of uninterrupted work, I have a really good groundwork laid for the Rudyard Kipling comic.

This is the latest WIP.  A lot of linework has to be finished and the coloring has barely begun, but it’s taking shape.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to use a proper typeface for the lettering, or if my own handwriting would be better.

4 Comments to “The Ballad of the King’s Jest”

  1. I think it’d look better with your handwriting. The handwriting on the first WIP you posted was bangin’.

  2. Color always gives me fits. Fonts, I have over 7600 sitting on my external; I’m a font freak. I like the line work, and am anxious to see the color final.

  3. Really enjoying how this one is coming out. I have to say you’ve got the handwriting for comic work, so you should stick with that for sure. Using a proper typeface laves it with a very mechanical feeling, IMO, and I think it dulls your artistic flair.

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