More Kipling!

I’ve been slaving away at the Kipling comic project this week.  It’s taken a bit of a different turn after a long conversation with my professor today, but I think the end product will be one of my personal favorites (I hope).  Here are a couple of WIPs.

I’ve been playing around over at Weebly with the fantastic options they have to create a free website, or to use their functions on your domain, if you already have one.  It’s stupid easy.  I put this together in less than an hour:

Also… hats!  I’ve been craving one, and it’s difficult to find them in a size large enough to fit over my dreadlocks.  Thankfully, I discovered this beauty on Ebay and she’s on her way to Portland as we speak.  Squee!

One Comment to “More Kipling!”

  1. Whoa! Awesome hat. I’m a hat hound, got 23 that I use for gigging and various utility. And say… the color work is coming along rather well.

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