It being very nearly the end of the school year, I went through my sketchbooks from this term and pulled out a couple scans.

This was for a poster project that never got off the ground, but I enjoy riding my scooter and I really like (finally) learning how to draw them.

These were done on business-card-sized sheets of paper.  I find that imposing restrictions on the mediums I’m used to can really prod me into making art in new ways, especially compositionally.

3 Comments to “Sketchdump”

  1. Lovely work! I met you at Stumptown… glad I get to see even more of your sketches. I like what you do with shadow!

  2. Hey! Thanks for checking out my schtuff. Did I link to your blog from mine?

  3. Scooter riding would make a great series of drawings! Scooters are cool.

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