More Doodles and Thesis Ideas

Coming up with a good senior thesis idea is the most difficult thing I’ve done since giving birth.  I started the term with my black little heart dead-set on doing an animation, but as time passed I realized that the time commitment and learning curve would far outstrip the quality I’d be able to pump out in three short months.  I flipped and flopped, trying to decide whether or not to let go of my idea entirely and do something else, when I had an epiphany.  With the wise counsel of my friend and classmate Morgaine Hendricks-Casey and our professor Kristin Rogers Brown, I decided to switch over a much less laborious media: stop motion.  I was immensely relieved to finally pinpoint the pathway to my concept in a manner that I know I can fully rock.  I expect to post increasingly frequent updates on that project over the next year, as well as the usual doodles and side pieces.  Enjoy.

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