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January 31, 2011

New Sketchbooks!

With the advent of the my last term in school, I’ve started a pair of new sketchbooks.  One is a Moleskine cahier brown-cover that I customized, for school-related sketches and notes, and the other was one I handmade as my first experiment in bookbinding.  Its purpose is to record a series of drawings for my traditional illutrsation class, and the theme I’ve chosen is animals personifying the characteristics that we humans assign to them, such as “clever foxes,” “chatty hens,” “hard-working beavers,” etc.  I cut paper from a vintage watercolor block my dad gave me into sheets that folded into a 4.5×6″ book, and used glue, leather, and calendar pages to finish it.  The result is definitely less than perfect, but I love that it’s not very precious, because it frees from the niggling feeling that I have to make perfect art in it.  I don’t care if it gets mashed, spilled on, or messed up because it’s so shoddy anyway.  I think I’m going to be making tons of my own sketchbooks from now on, mainly because I can choose the specific paper and size used in them.  I’m in love!


Cover from my Moleskine, from oiled-paper moth drawings by Morgaine Faye, cut-outs from orange dropcloth used to paint giant puppets at Michael Curry Design, and adhesive letters.


Illustration sketchy-sketch inspired by Cassidy Price.


Cover made of leather for my small journal bookbinding experiment.


Endpapers of vintage maps (courtesy of my roommate Gordon, who’s mad at me because I didn’t ask before I liberated his old calendar pages.  Sorry, Gordonzola!).


Sketches from inside the journal.  The phrase “curious as a cat” prompted this spread.

January 25, 2011

Robot Love Finals

Here they are!  The show starts on the 4th (I think) at the Good gallery on NE Skidmore & Mississippi, here in Portland.  It’s curated by a roarin’ great sculptor named Scott Foster that I met during my internship at the local animation studio Bent Image Lab.  Good has a couple of really promising group show themes coming up, so check them out.


“I Got You a Present!” Watercolor, 6×4″


“If You Want Something Done Right…” Watercolor, 8.5×11″


Watercolor, 9×12″


I couldn’t think of a non-corny title for that last one.  Any ideas?

January 23, 2011

Zain’s First Figure Drawings

I brought my eight-year-old son to a great coffeeshop in downtown Portland called Backspace yesterday morning.  We ordered hot chocolates and discovered there was a costume figure drawings session just getting started there.  The model was amazing and she was dressed as an old-fashioned cigarette girl.  We bummed a couple sheets of paper off of someone and sat down to draw.  Unfortunately, I was quickly told that there was a ten-dollar cover fee for adults to draw, but the lady in charge was soft-hearted and said my son Zain could continue drawing for free.  My kid is cool because he’s very serious about art, and takes to heart each little tip I’ve ever given him (like the use of comic thought bubbles, for example).  He sat there for over an hour, soaking up my advice and trying not to get frustrated when the model changed poses before he was done.  He gave me his permission to post his very first figure drawings (or any drawings from life, actually) on my blog.  We had a ton of fun, and I could sit there and watch him get more and more inspired.  We’re definitely going to do it again.


January 12, 2011

Digital Doodles

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January 10, 2011

Beach House Exquisite Corpse

I spent a very relaxing weekend in Cannon Beach with a couple of illustrator friends this weekend.  The inimitable Morgaine Faye and I drew this together.

And this is another brown-ink piece I’ve been doodling.  I’m going to put color on it eventually.  With luck.