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March 30, 2011

Catching Up

The aforementioned prints and sketches, ladies and gentlemen.

This was a two-color woodblock print that I made for my printmaking class.  The little red heart was a rubber stamp I carved and added afterward.  Because it’s a bit of a tradition at PNCA for graduation seniors, my idea with this piece was to create a gift for the three-person faculty panel that will be overseeing my thesis presentation defense in a few short weeks.  They’re about 20×20″.

I’m in the process of finishing a series of 20 of these silkscreens, my first attempt with the medium.  It’s so much fun!  I printed these 3-color sock puppets on blank greeting cards, mostly because I wanted to thank the folks at Bent Image Lab for the awesome internship by leaving one there on my last day.  The Latin translates to “life is short, but art is forever.”  Thanks to my lovely twin sister Robyn for the sock puppet idea, too.  ❤

And this was something I scrawled in my sketchbook during class in between taking notes.

Quick side note… I’ve been meddling quite a bit with the format and routing of my blog and website lately, in preparation or graduatin’ and looking for clients.  For now, my blog will stay at the WordPress address, but I’ve finally got a simple working portfolio site up at, but .  Check it out!

March 26, 2011


I’m so close to being done I can almost taste it!

Here are a couple more of my recent favorites from filming for “Caesura.”  There were several equences that I had been putting off and putting off because of their difficulty; background elements had to move seamlessly with the foreground elements, and I winced at the thought of having to lift up the foreground puppets and realign them exactly each and every time the background had to be adjusted.  Luckily, the studio that PNCA supplied me with has just about every obscure gadget I could possibly need, and then some.  I found a pane of clear glass and cleaned it off, and adhered the main puppet to it with a few blobs of stickywax.  With some simple tape hinges, I was able to lift up the glass and return it to its exact position, enabling me to easily move the background elements underneath.

In this clip, the glow of the candle and the black painted background went beneath the glass, and the rabbit, his moving arm, and the candle flame were on top.  The sequence occurs right after all the power goes out in the rabbit’s office building.

This was the last clip I finished last night, and I was tickled with how it came out.  I’d been agonizing over this scene and how I was going to animate two rabbits, four ears, and eight legs harmonically.  So I simplified.

I’ve only got a few more scenes to shoot and then I can start the editing process in AfterEffects.  Full steam ahead.

March 20, 2011

Film Teasers

I have a bunch of screenprints and other illustration work to upload here, but I figured I’d share some of the newly-completed animated sequences for my thesis film first.  PNCA has hooked me up with an incredible studio of my own, with my own down-shooter, Mac mini, camera, and everything else I need.  I’ve been holed up in there staring at bright lights for the last week and getting tons of work done.  I’ll upload pictures of my workspace another time.  It’s quite nice.  Apparently PNCA had some Laika people come in to get it up and running.

Speaking of animation companies, my internship with Bent Image Lab came to a close last week, but I got the excellent news that it’s going to turn into a job after I graduate in a few weeks.  Yay, networking!  It’s a textbook internship success story and I’m pretty much on cloud nine these days.  I was given some really juicy concept art jobs right before I left (unfortunately, can’t post ’em here due to confidentiality etc. etc.) and I totally nailed ’em.  Yessssss!

Anyway, here are my four favorite sequences that I’ve completed so far.  Enjoy.






If they look like they’re playing a bit fast, I’d tend to agree.  I’m planning on slowing down the frame rate in AfterEffects during post-production.

March 15, 2011

Bring on the Swag

Here are a couple of illustrated tee designs I’ve been playing around with.  They’re based on a set of artist trading cards I made awhile back… definitely a format I want to revisit.  For some reason, I like these best on kids and dudes… maybe the ladies’ market has been overinundated, I dunno.




























March 9, 2011

Pencil Test Walk Cycle

This is a short animated test that I did recently for my thesis animation. I was trying to see if the 12-drawing walk cycle I came up with was nice ‘n smooth.

March 8, 2011

Wine and Wimmin

Man, I’ve been so swamped with thesis work lately that I’ve barely had time to sketch in my sketchbooks.  I always thought people who said that sounded just a little bit whiny, but hey, now I know what they were going through.  It devours my every waking moment with its imminent deadlines looming over my head, keeping my awake at night worried to death about deadlines, motions paths, and cadmium yellows.  Luckily, I have the best thesis mentor in the world, Rose Bond, and she’s been doing an incredible job believing in me and giving me crash-courses in iStop Motion and After Effects.  That said, my spirits are high and I’m having a frickin’ blast discovering all the tricks of the moving arts.


Here’s a couple of drawings I’ve done lately. The first is a quick wine label design as part of a class assignment with a local brand in mind, and the second is just something I scrawled out tonight while having drinks with friends.



March 4, 2011

Puppet Swarm!

A random selection of paper puppets, backgrounds, and props from my stop-motion thesis film, “Caesura.”