Film Teasers

I have a bunch of screenprints and other illustration work to upload here, but I figured I’d share some of the newly-completed animated sequences for my thesis film first.  PNCA has hooked me up with an incredible studio of my own, with my own down-shooter, Mac mini, camera, and everything else I need.  I’ve been holed up in there staring at bright lights for the last week and getting tons of work done.  I’ll upload pictures of my workspace another time.  It’s quite nice.  Apparently PNCA had some Laika people come in to get it up and running.

Speaking of animation companies, my internship with Bent Image Lab came to a close last week, but I got the excellent news that it’s going to turn into a job after I graduate in a few weeks.  Yay, networking!  It’s a textbook internship success story and I’m pretty much on cloud nine these days.  I was given some really juicy concept art jobs right before I left (unfortunately, can’t post ’em here due to confidentiality etc. etc.) and I totally nailed ’em.  Yessssss!

Anyway, here are my four favorite sequences that I’ve completed so far.  Enjoy.






If they look like they’re playing a bit fast, I’d tend to agree.  I’m planning on slowing down the frame rate in AfterEffects during post-production.

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