I’m so close to being done I can almost taste it!

Here are a couple more of my recent favorites from filming for “Caesura.”  There were several equences that I had been putting off and putting off because of their difficulty; background elements had to move seamlessly with the foreground elements, and I winced at the thought of having to lift up the foreground puppets and realign them exactly each and every time the background had to be adjusted.  Luckily, the studio that PNCA supplied me with has just about every obscure gadget I could possibly need, and then some.  I found a pane of clear glass and cleaned it off, and adhered the main puppet to it with a few blobs of stickywax.  With some simple tape hinges, I was able to lift up the glass and return it to its exact position, enabling me to easily move the background elements underneath.

In this clip, the glow of the candle and the black painted background went beneath the glass, and the rabbit, his moving arm, and the candle flame were on top.  The sequence occurs right after all the power goes out in the rabbit’s office building.

This was the last clip I finished last night, and I was tickled with how it came out.  I’d been agonizing over this scene and how I was going to animate two rabbits, four ears, and eight legs harmonically.  So I simplified.

I’ve only got a few more scenes to shoot and then I can start the editing process in AfterEffects.  Full steam ahead.

One Comment to “Slugbunnies”

  1. I really like how it’s coming together. The little teasers are great, and I especially like the rabbits coming down the hill. They look pretty seamless!

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