Catching Up

The aforementioned prints and sketches, ladies and gentlemen.

This was a two-color woodblock print that I made for my printmaking class.  The little red heart was a rubber stamp I carved and added afterward.  Because it’s a bit of a tradition at PNCA for graduation seniors, my idea with this piece was to create a gift for the three-person faculty panel that will be overseeing my thesis presentation defense in a few short weeks.  They’re about 20×20″.

I’m in the process of finishing a series of 20 of these silkscreens, my first attempt with the medium.  It’s so much fun!  I printed these 3-color sock puppets on blank greeting cards, mostly because I wanted to thank the folks at Bent Image Lab for the awesome internship by leaving one there on my last day.  The Latin translates to “life is short, but art is forever.”  Thanks to my lovely twin sister Robyn for the sock puppet idea, too.  ❤

And this was something I scrawled in my sketchbook during class in between taking notes.

Quick side note… I’ve been meddling quite a bit with the format and routing of my blog and website lately, in preparation or graduatin’ and looking for clients.  For now, my blog will stay at the WordPress address, but I’ve finally got a simple working portfolio site up at, but .  Check it out!

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