WOOHOO!  I presented my thesis oral defense yesterday morning and passed with flying colors.  The audience laughed in all the right places and my family showed up wearing clown noses.  This was the most work-intensive four months of my life and I’ve never spent so much time on a single project before.  I’m glad it’s finished, but it brought me so many awesome opportunities in the animation world, I may just try it again someday.  Here’s a quote from my dissertation about the project.

What better way to illustrate the notion of the absurd than animation?  The medium affords the animator to show audiences what the camera cannot; in this case, our beloved 21st century technology brought stumbling to its knees.  America has seen only glimpses of the chaos that could lay us low if we suddenly lost the narcotic bliss of our beloved cellphones and computers.  The flimsy promise of electronic immortality is irresistibly tempting, but at the end of the day it means nothing in the face of true survival.  I feel extremely fortunate to have seen the unprecedented rise in popularity of the internet during my lifetime.  The world has reached an amazing period of instantaneous worldwide communication through the web and more and more people come to depend on it every day.  So what would happen if it all just… stopped?

In Caesura, an anthropomorphized rabbit finds his own answers to this very question.  He symbolizes the young American tech junkies we all know, and he will take a ride through the possibilities of chaos and imagination to make a choice between a rejection of his present reality or a reinvention of it.

You can find the finished animation, with sound design by Brendan Hogan, here on Vimeo.  Enjoy!

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