When you spend time with an illustrator, you become a de facto muse.

One Comment to “Ethan”

  1. (I tried using the contact form but it’s being glitchy, so I am putting this here instead, hope ya don’t mind!)

    Hi there! I am the Graphic Designer over at Corvallis’ only alternative newspaper, The Corvallis Advocate. We are running a piece on the 43rd Annual Oregon Country Fair, and as I was browsing for imagry I stumbled across your amazing image: I was wondering if you would release us, The Corvallis Advocate, permission to print your photograph along with your name and a link to your website in our upcoming publication (this Thursday, July 19th)

    Please let us know ASAP! Thank you =]


    On a totally separate note, your work is wonderful and you should submit to Issue 4 of Midnight Muse ^^

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