Cartoon Faces

I’ve been having fun with this exercise lately.  Fill a page with odd, random shapes and make them into faces! I got the idea from a post on Tumblr lambasting the fact that so many artists draw every face the same. I’m often guilty of that myself, so this is a useful way to spend time sketching.  I grabbed a couple of my favorites and threw some color on them in Photoshop.  My friend Joe got in on the action and did the vampiric little number near the bottom.

And an update on my new tattoo… it’s finished! Lawrence Edwards of Industrial Ink in Vancouver, WA did such an incredible job, I’m proud and flattered to be part of his growing portfolio of awesome work.  I love it.

One Comment to “Cartoon Faces”

  1. ahaaaa 😀 nicee… I’ve been looking around for sketching ideas and inspiration =) thank you…

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