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January 29, 2013

What I Wore Today

me striped pants

January 7, 2013



Skepticism, kangaroos, and degs.

hard times


its a charlie

January 4, 2013

That Figures

Recently I’ve decided that I could use a refresher on my rusty life drawing skills. I found an amazing free resource online called Figure & Gesture Drawing: Tools for Self-Educating Artists. Boasting an incredible collection of stock photography, it allows you to set up a timed drawing session just like back in art school. The site will, for example, give you a half-hour split up into a series of quick, thirty-second gesture poses that grow longer and longer until they end with a ten-minute pose. It’s an excellent warm-up for human anatomy, and to my delight, I found they also offer a twin section for drawing animals. Now that I’m not in school anymore, I’m not able to take advantage of their free life drawing classes so websites like this one are great finds. And because they’re photographs, you’ll get poses impossible in a classroom setting with live models — like silk-rope acrobats and dancers in motion. Here are a few of my favorites from the last few days.

(As always, clic to see bigger)

figure drawing 2figure animals 1 figure animals 2 figure drawing 1