About the Artiste

As an illustrator, my goal is to present a tale within the bounds of a two-dimensional image.  I aim to create pictures that visually describe a story.  I want my work to be accessible to all ages, to inspire children and adults alike, and to be remembered as simple affirmations of the narratives we all know and love.

I draw inspiration from simple, graphic shapes and I’ve always embraced a strong emphasis on line.  It’s my belief that a good drawing will stand by itself but with the judicious use of color, an uncomplicated doodle evolves into something much more.  Every day, we’re inundated with imagery, so if my work draws the eye and makes you want to linger even a moment longer, I’ve done my job well.

Currently, I’m working on learning the intricacies and near-limitless possibilities of Adobe Photoshop.  It allows me to work quickly and with a freedom that more traditional media does not allow.  Between experiments of line and color, my quest for the perfect illustration will, hopefully, never end.


2 Comments to “About the Artiste”

  1. You are inspiring!!! =)

  2. Nice style, looking forward to catching more…thanks.

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